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Before thanking a long list of executives, attorneys and others who are behind one of New Jersey’s largest redevelopment projects, Eugene Diaz made mention of the company that gave rise to the opportunity in the first place.

The company, Hoffman LaRoche, made certain to do the right thing after delivering some rather sobering news to the communities of Nutley and Clifton.

“This deal wouldn’t have even gotten off the ground if it were not for Roche pharmaceuticals’ patience and commitment to their legacy at this campus,” said Diaz, principal of Prism Capital Partners. “We can’t be happy they left New Jersey, but they did it in a first-class fashion, preserving for the municipalities who lost them the greatest opportunity for redevelopment.”

Five years after Roche delivered that news, hundreds of real estate professionals gathered to celebrate plans to transform the 116-acre former headquarters and R&D hub along Route 3. Prism’s plan, which calls for creating a vibrant, mixed-use campus, was honored as a Deal of the Year during NAIOP New Jersey’s annual commercial real estate gala on Thursday.