Building Technician

Building Technician is responsible for implementing and maintaining a Preventive Maintenance Program for all equipment and building systems. He/She performs the monthly facility inspection and submits all required reports. In addition, the technician is responsible for scheduling & performing routine and required inspections of the Life & Safety Systems.

Building Technician is the liaison with all vendors and subcontractors for services, including landscaping, snow removal, pest control, roof inspections, HVAC maintenance, elevator maintenance, trash removal and cleaning. He/She must also coordinate the maintenance of grounds including cleaning of parking areas and streets, lighting, drainage and irrigation. Technician inspects and services high maintenance items including exterior doors and security systems and is able to do basic painting with in the space.

The supervision of cleaning company personnel and porter services are performed by technician to insure performance standards and adherence to quality. Building Technician is responsible for coordinating with Property Coordinator, the ordering of materials and all inventory needed to maintain efficient operation of the Building or Park including cleaning supplies, light bulbs and other miscellaneous supplies.

Building Technician continually monitors, reviews and adjusts the building systems including start-up and shut-down of heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment to account for seasonal demands, holiday and weekend schedules to control and optimize energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. This includes review and operation of energy management systems, as well as site and common area lighting schedules.

Building Technician will regularly receive tenant work requests from the Property Manager and Property Coordinator. He/She coordinates corrective actions and work, providing daily follow up reporting the status of all work requests until complete. Technician is responsible for on-site meetings with the tenant and moving companies to coordinate proper ingress and egress, padding of elevators, proper wall and floor protection and damage control of the properties during tenant move-ins and move-outs.

Building Technician is counted on to be the first to respond to operational problems and initiate emergency response plans. Technician is the person most responsible for the continued inspection, maintenance and control of the physical buildings and their systems.